Yes, you can do it yourself! Small Talk is available to purchase.

Engaging for children and simple to deliver for teachers, Small Talk is a great “go to” resource for primary, nursery and drama schools.

Each kit contains a story with lots of fun songs and drama exercises along the way. Also in the small talk box is the script and all of the props, puppets and toys needed to lead the story.

With each kit our Alien goes on a different adventure, from landing in the jungle and meeting wild animals, to exploring London and ending up in the Tower!

We have a range of differently themed adventure kits to take your children through the year for 3 years.

If you’re interested you can book a free Look and See in person or online with no obligation to buy.
Experienced teachers can simply open the kit and deliver.

If you are nervous or setting up anew and haven’t taught children before there’s the option of in person and/or online support and Teach the Teacher sessions.

The Small Talk adventure kits are available to buy individually or in sets of 3. Discounts apply if buying  more than one.

Contact Liz with any questions I’m happy to make small talk!